Through research and analysis, we learn how people feel about things today to gain insight into what will work tomorrow. Identifying these areas of opportunity leads to the creation of a plan that puts your brand—its history, process, and products—into a cultural context that will further refine your brands narrative.

At Elements, we start with research. We conduct surveys and focus groups to the extent you desire. We use market data to give insight into what is working or not working for your competition. We measure your brand against many criteria and compare that information to others in your category, and we identify both impediments and areas of opportunity. We work to gain a deep understanding of your goals and business plan.

We distill all of this research into an actionable plan, identifying potential solutions to meet your specific objectives. This plan will outline our ideas for ensuring a deep, meaningful, and long-term relationship with your brand.


A well-designed plan translates values into experiences that people can embrace as a reflection of their cultural identities. If all goals and objectives are clear and the strategy is consistent, the plan can most effectively be brought to life across all marketing initiatives.
Strategy & Positioning services can include:

  • Market Strategy
  • Mission & Vision Statements
  • Brand Position
  • Creative Strategy
  • Competitive Research & Analysis

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